yes, 20 ka na! omg! :))

hey hey julie ann magaway! 😀

bente ka na! omg! u’re  supaaah old na… and u’re super liit pa rin! =)) no hope for you!  be thankful na lng to whoever thought of high heels! clap clap! wahahaha!

kinulang ka man sa height, binawi naman sa talent! yiheeee! *pambawi, since it’s your bday* 😛

singer, actress… what else? comedian! pwede nang maging  ______!  *fill in the blank friends of jam!*

super talented ka, that you were effective in your role as a dalagang filipina / madre to be! it was a complete opposite of your personality. galing galing! *standing ovation*

enough of the flattery jam … all i want to say is…  happy birhtday! *wink wink*

hope you have a blast! 😀

be happy! 🙂

shai 😉

omg! si shaiiiira! 😀


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